“If you need to be right before you move, you will never win”

What a brilliant quote “”If you need to be right before you move, you will never win”. Michael Ryan, (WHO Health Emergencies Programme) gives a very direct response on how to react to epidemics/ pandemics. Little does he realise that… Continue Reading

Prosci’s ADKAR to be renamed NKAR for a while.

Before our friends at Prosci get all jittery – No, clearly, I am not serious, but there is a valid observation to be made here. We know the ADKAR model is tried and trusted, but with the current situation, many… Continue Reading

Covid-19: A lesson in project governance.

This virus has taught us many things, that we aren’t really prepared for a global pandemic, that working from home is largely possible for everyone, that drops is pollution would be huge if we changed our lifestyles somewhat and that… Continue Reading

Webinar: Covid-19 – Deploying Teams Rapidly and Safely

If you want to know top tips and practical guidance on deploying Teams rapidly and safely, and without creating a mess to clear up later, please check out the OnDemand link to the recording. https://info.modalitysystems.com/practical-advice-enabling-homeworking-with-microsoft-teams